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Action for Restoration of Hope  

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GOSACHU Income Generating Activities

 The organization provides income generating activities for the foster families to assist them earn a living, raising money for their household expenses and supporting their children.  

The income generating projects:  


Pigglets.- Economic Empoerment


-Encourage and create opportunities for those in the training homes to work to generate household income to meet their needs.

•-Teach, train and equip those in the training homes with various skills including small scale farming skills providing another source of income and food for the family.

 Poultry Farming.

Subsistence farming is the primary food source for most living in remote villages.  Agricultural practices are often limited to knowledge that has been handed down from former generations.  Good Samaritan Children’s Home Uganda  desires to not only create farms to meet the needs of children in our Children’s care and those attending our schools through a Hands Of Mercy Project, but also provide train local farmers in new and more effective farming techniques to produce higher yields, grow more profitable crops, generate increased income, and ultimately become self-sustainable.


HIV prevention services

 The HIV prevention services provided by GOSACHU include Education of  the community on HIV/AIDS related issues, Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) services in the community and life skills training for children.

 Care And Support Services

The care and support services provided by GOSACHU include:

 -provision of home based care;

-counseling support;

-income generating activities;

-linkages with health units and other service providers;

-spiritual support for those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS;

-social support groups;

-material support to those infected and affected and OVC support.

GOSACHU recruits and trains community-based representatives to continue the work in the villages. The local person continues the educational outreach. They follow-up with counseling and needs to those who HIV screenings return positive. They provide medical and counseling assistance to those with AIDS in their homes. GOSACHU Community–based representatives train relatives and friends in home-based care for those in the late stages of AIDS to administer the type of care such patients require.

Gosachu Rural Health Outreach.