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Action for Restoration of Hope  

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GOSACHU Rural Child Development Education Centre.


Construction of a new School Local Structure For  the Children in Rural. we need now 28 Iron Sheets for Roofing, 100desks, and School Latrine For the Children. Donate $420 for iron sheets and $1500 for the pit Latrine.


As result of the HIV/AIDS scourge,Uganda rural is a dwelling place for AIDS Orphans,Just like any other needy people,these orphans have always craved for education and other basics.many children have been orphaned due civil wars and the deadly killer disease HIV/AIDS which has left many child Uganda were the sign shows decline, the number of orphans is growing every day and this led them to streets and young girls are sexually abused while boys leave for petty work for survival. Buyende District is one of the district which has the high rates of  HIV/AIDS Scourge . many people are affected by the disease and children are displaced and  orphaned. The Adults  are not surviving the deadly Disease AIDS. this has worsened the situation and increasing the number of HIV/AIDS Orphans in the district.Young girls are sexually abused and getting premature pregnancies.

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