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Action for Restoration of Hope  

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Spirituality/ Rural outreach Ministry.
The Rural outreach ministry is conducted door to door Evangelism in the villages and we support and partner with village pastors in their mission work. equipping the community with development skills is key among our agenda.
We conduct community trainnings in the skills such as crafts and small cottage business.
we reach a large segment of the illiterate population with the good news and life of Jesus Christ as  well as messages on contemporary issues addressed with Christian solutions.

Target Audience
GOSACHU reaches out to the Unchurched and de-churched people; however, we also seek to strengthen spiritual lives of those who believe in Jesus Christ as their savior and savior of the world.  visit our church. Redeeming Grace Church


Church Members.                                      Redeeming Grace Church

Inside Redeeming Grace Church                            Church Members attending attending Church.

Redeeming Grace Church- Locally Constructed. donate to help build God's House of Prayer. just $15000.

Partener with us in God's work to day.

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