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Action for Restoration of Hope  

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Are you a donor, Sponsor, Fundraiser, Partner, Evangelist, Organization, Or Church, Write To us do day. we need you. 

You  Are Welcome to Home of peace. Good Samaritan Children's Home Uganda.



Donate books, pens, pencils, and Uniform to take the Child back to school.


End malaria to day by donating more Nets to Children In Good Samaritan Home.

Buy a net at $5 for achild.

Good Samaritan Children's home Uganda is a Christian non-profit organization focused on transforming the body, mind,and soul of the poor in the republic of Uganda.

When Good Samaritan Children Home Uganda [formerly] child care project] was beginning as an organization in the early 2003's, the desire was, and still is to day, to holistically serve the poor in the Ugandan republic by focusing on all aspects of health. GOSACHUs first volunteers and other founders professed.

Our Values

Love, Godliness, Excellence, Integrity,  Relationship.

Children in the Church singing and praising.

Sponsor Achild in Good Samaritan Home.


Wanyana Daisy 8yrs. P.2         Kalule Jordan 3yrs Baby.          Nanteza Angel 12yrs P.6


Lukenge Gerald 11yrs p.5     Nagayi Teopista 7yrs top          Sadam 9yrs P.I Class


Magezi Paul 6yrs top           Nakibuka Edith 9yrs p.2            Kisakye Rinnah 9yrs p.1


Mwebe Alvin 7yrs - Top Class                     Ssemaganda 8yrs P.2 Class

Chose one Or more and communicate to one of our staff.

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